Copper Pendant Lights Are Going To Be Hot Property In 2016


2016 Designer trend: Copper Pendant Lights

The right kind of lighting can help enhance the mood of any room. It can also contribute to a person’s sense of well being. Replacing lighting in your home also provides you with the opportunity to use the latest technology. Plus of course it could help to reduce your electricity costs. In 2016 expect to see the use of copper pendant lights becoming more popular. People just seem to love the way that light is able to shine on or through them. Plus they love the warm feeling that they seem to exude once the light inside is on.

As copper is a soft and malleable it means that we have the ability to change the way it looks. As a result of this designers are coming up with more intricate light shapes. Copper is comes with great soldering and brazing properties. So being able to weld it in to a range of different shapes is also possible. In turn this then means more intricate pendant light designs are available. When you first buy this kind of light you may find the copper a little bright. But then over time as it becomes exposed to the air subtle changes to its color occur. The softening caused through the pattening help to make them even more of a statement piece in any home.


With the inclusion of LED bulbs these lights will help to give a warm a real touch of warmth. Plus such bulbs will ensure that the light emitted from them goes where needed the most. You will then be wondering why it is you didn’t replace your current pendant light with a copper pendant light sooner. There are several designers worth considering looking at. Who have created a wonderful selection of beautiful copper pendant lights for the home. These include the following:

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is one of the UK’s top designers. Although his own brand has only been around since 2002 he has worked in the industry long before this. In fact before establishing his own brand he worked as a designer for Habitat for 10 years. Tom is hoping to revive our faltering British furniture industry. His range of products including lights seem to be going a long way to doing this. His unique and stylish designs like copper pendant light have made him one of the most sought after designers, with a lot of replica lights making it to the market offering a more affordable alternative to budget conscious shoppers

Jonas Lindvall


lindvall table lampIn the beginning Jonas Lindvall studied to become an interior architecture. But then later on he chose to change careers and went to college and studied as a furniture designer. After completing his studies he returned to Malmo where he set up his own architecture and design business. Although better known for his range of furniture he has now started to gain a reputation for designing some amazing lights.

Grethe Meyer

Grethe Meyer lightsGrethe is from Denmark and several of her products are now exhibited in design museums around the world. See likes sleek simple designs. This is why her lamps including the copper pendant light she designed have become firm favourites in many homes.

David Derksen

Unlike other designers David Derksen finds inspiration in nature for his designs. As a result of this there is a strong focus on him using natural materials. He especially likes to create designs based upon the way a material behaves. Also he uses such materials based on how they might be used. With every design he creates he tries to express the beauty of the material and the way in which the item has been produced. With some many designers choosing to create beautiful copper pendant lights. Finding one that will complement a particular room in your home shouldn’t prove difficult. Might we suggest that you consider buying one of the following if you are that interested in getting such a light for your home soon.

Tom Dixon 25cm Copper Shade

Copper pendant light by designer Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon copper pendant light replica

This shade uses a thin layer of pure copper applied to the internal surface of a globe made from polycarbonate. As a result of this the surface of the light reflects light a great deal. When you turn it on the light inside bounces off the surface of the lamp and emits a warm metallic glow.  You have the option of either hanging a single light on its own or hanging several together. Choosing to hang several of these lamps together in a room will help to create a focal point within it.

Habitat Industry Copper Pendant Light

The smooth curves of this light provide a soft contrast to the industrial look of the aluminium used in its creation. The wired glass shade helps to diffuse light better. It would make the perfect lighting over a dining room table. As it is compatible for use with a dimmer switch it means that you create the right ambience in the room whenever the need arises.

Large Stanley Hammered Copper Pendant Light

This light comes from Original BTC and is hand spun from solid copper. A reflective hammered finish is then applied and helps to create a dramatic looking light fixture. This light is 26.5cm in diameter and again would be perfect for placing over a dining table. Whereas most copper pendant lights tend to be mass produced these are hand crafted. So of course each design will be a little different from others. Also made from materials that will last for many years to come. You will find that the prices of such lights tend to vary. Finding one that not only suits your budget but also your taste shouldn’t prove difficult. The great thing is in most cases replacing your current pendant light with a copper one isn’t that difficult. In most cases even having the most basic of DIY knowledge will enable you to replace what you have currently.

copper-lightsThe best place to look for a suitable copper pendant light for your home is online at Replica Lights. Don’t just limit yourself to specific designers but take a look on websites such as Amazon or eBay. Often here you can find what you want for much less than you would pay for it than if you brought it from the designer themselves.

Easy Home Decorating Tips for the Fall Season

Our thoughts turn to the great thing about the autumn season when temperatures begin to cool down. Here are a number of home decorating ideas to bring fall in your house now.

*Welcome in the outside by altering decor and your accessories with the seasons. The fall decorating procedure starts by introducing autumn colours before Halloween. This functions as a “primer” for the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

*A home decorating hint for the fall season would be to make use of a broad range of berries and autumn leaves. The offer lovely russet browns, golds and crimsons which will enrich any home decor. Bring autumn colours into your house with new pillows and throws in vibrant, autumn colors, if allergies are a problem.

*Arts and crafts are also rather popular this time of year for the do it yourself man. See with an arts and crafts shop for home decorating thoughts on making floral arrangements and wreaths. Interactional visuals are offered to demonstrate how you can create a wreath from beginning to end.

*Autumn floral arrangements are among the home decorating ideas that are simplest to set the mood in a room. An autumn arrangement might contain pinecones, evergreen branches, dried leaves and flowers, seasonal fruit, little pumpkins and gourds, and a couple of sprigs of decorative grass.

*You can not go wrong with fall-scented candles to conjure up the scent of the season. Fragrances that are popular are pumpkin cranberry, vanilla and spice.

*Candlescaping is a well-known style which is made up of group of candles that might contain candles of different heights, textures, and aromas ordered in clusters or rows. A candlescape adds not only a warm radiance to a room but makes a statement too!

*Fall home decorating suggestions would not be complete without mentioning ornamental pumpkins–genuine or man-made. Use them in your veranda or table through the whole season.

Autumn is among the most busy times of the year for the home decorating company based on the American Society of Interior Designers. Everybody wishes to add a unique touch to their house so that they can be prepared for the standard amusing of guests as well as the holiday season. Whether you’re an individual that was do it yourself or enlist the assistance of a professional, get started on these home decorating ideas bring the changes brought on by Mother Nature into your dwelling and to provide your house a fresh lease on life.

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Western Home Decorating Has Many Aspects

One method to provide your c warm, cozy look and feel is with western home decorating. As you may expect, there are a number of things that depict rodeos and cowboys, however there is much more to it than that. Come while we investigate the vast array of accessories and furnishings that fit in with the western type of home decorating.

Western style decor may add appeal and down home coziness whether you would just like to add a couple of ornamental pieces or decorate your whole house. Try browsing through a few home decorating or interior design magazines, in the event you do not already have a few thoughts about the look and feel you desire. Additionally, print or online catalogs from western furnishings shops have a lot of propositions and thoughts. Regardless of wherever your creative thoughts come from, the very best advice I can offer would be to decide at least a couple of things that represent your own personal interests and perhaps a side of your character that others may not know about. That makes your room(s) unique while letting you a perfect chance for some self expression.

Among the truly amazing things about western home decorating is it could be done pretty rapidly and in a way to match nearly any budget. Since the essence and feel of a room normally comes from accents and the accessories, you can frequently decorate a room without purchasing new furniture and other high-dollar things. It’s possible for you to create the feel you would like with things including an accent rug or two table ornamentation, a cosmetic lamp, floor or sofa pillows, some wall art, and whatever else you want that will fit or complement the general ambiance that is desired.

Frequently, a fresh coat of paint on the walls will do amazing things for a room. A lot of folks enjoy other common places and the family room to be of a neutral colour. Sand colour or an off white, light tan works nicely for western design decorating, since those are dimmed earth tones. Something might be matched by a great paint colour for toilet trim in the natural landscape including a sky blue, forest green or dusty rose colour.

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